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Carpet Cleaning Tips

As you probably already know, the carpet is one of the biggest surfaces in your room that has to be cleaned. To most people, I included, the task of cleaning a carpet seems somehow challenging. However, if you learn a few easy carpet cleaning tips, just as I have done, you might soon realize that the task isn’t as hard as it sounds. I have taken the time to assemble some cleaning tips to help you during your next carpet cleaning project.
Without further ado, let me give you the advice:
When it comes to carpet cleaning, there are two important rules to play by to keep your floors looking great:
1. Routine cleaning will save you the hassle of buying strong disinfectants
2. Clean up spills straight away the moment they occur to avoid serious staining and damage on your carpet.
Certainly, there are more than two rules to play by, but for conciseness, we will leave it at that just for now.
It is important to note that immediate and routine cleaning may not provide all the answers to your carpet cleaning solutions. Carpets get soiled with time, and you may soon realize that you need to do a thorough cleaning exercise. Depending on the type of carpet material you have on your floor, the cleaning techniques may differ slightly.
Here are some general carpet cleaning tips;
1. Use steam cleaning
This method uses a device known as a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is quite effective in removing dust and soil on your carpets. The technique uses high-temperature water pumped at high pressure using a pump. With steam cleaning, you do not have any problem when it comes to the state of your surroundings. Not only is the technique effective but it is also safe for the environment.
2. Hire a carpet cleaning company
When it comes to carpet cleaning, you do not want to be doing it quite often. With the services of carpet cleaning companies, you can reduce the frequencies of carpet cleaning. Most carpet cleaning companies have invested a lot of money in buying the right cleaning equipment which is not only fast, but is likewise effective and removes all the dirt in one wash thus saving you the hassle of buying your gear. To get started, just be sure to get the appropriate referrals from the people you trust.
3. Use water in cleaning carpets
When it comes to cleaning carpets, be sure to have plenty of water. Water helps in diluting spots and stains that may have soiled your carpets thus maintain the proper appearance and beauty of your carpets.
4. Use disinfectants for hard stains
You may also need disinfectants to kill bacteria, especially when dealing with food and pet stains. If your pet is unable to use the toilet yet, you will need disinfectants on standby. Even so, make plans to have your pet house-broken.
When all is said and done, remember to dry your carpets thoroughly after the cleaning. Drying allows your carpet to stay longer without getting dirty. Also, remember not to step on your carpet with muddy shoes.

Carpet Spot Removal Tips

Carpets are expensive fabrics and once someone or something accidentally stains them, the only thing you can think about is how to get rid of that stain before it stains it forever. Some spot removal techniques can be difficult to understand given the availability of more equipment and techniques that must be new to older people. Procedures that can easily be followed in dealing with a dirty spot are recommended since stains take little time to dry, and that is why one will need to take care of that almost immediately. Whether you had drinks spilled, pets bringing dirt from outside and or even playful kids can be some of the reasons that can stain your carpet, and the following are some of the tips that can be used to rectify the situation.

It is necessary for any carpet owner always to read all the labels of their carpet fabric and follow all the instructions pertaining to stain removal products that can be used to prevent color runs or even damage to the carpet. Having this information is as important as having the needed materials to proceed to clean your carpet with any spill or stains.

The first step to take before you start using liquid stain removers, is to take out all solid particles from the stain such as muddy drops before treating the stain. This is meant to prevent caked dirt from creating even a bigger spot as soon as it comes in contact with any liquid stain remover. In case the spill is wet, it is advisable to take a few paper towels or rags and soak them on the spill so that they can absorb as much liquid as possible before you start cleaning your carpet. Starting the soaking from edges towards the center is usually encouraged and after blotting excess liquid out of the spot, remove them and place another fresh set of towels on the spot and push them down heavily to take out any remaining liquid in the stain spot.

The next tip is to pick the right stain remover. You should read the usage directions and other instructions that are on the product label to confirm that the stain remover can actually remove the spot on your carpet or not. You should also test on an obscure part of your carpet with any stain remover product you may want to use, just to see whether it has any negative or damaging effects on the carpet. If it doesn’t, then you can go ahead and douse the spot with the stain remover on a towel and repeat the process until the entire spot is completely removed.After repeating the process quite some time, the stain spot should hopefully vanish and lastly do a general carpet cleaning to make it wholly clean again.

10 Tips for keeping your carpet looking beautiful

Maintaining your carpet is not impossible. Here are professional tips that will keep your carpet looking beautiful.

1. Blot Out Stains

Most people try to rub out stubborn carpet stains. Rubbing causes the stains to surround the fibers and break them down.

Soak paper towels in a cleaning solution, and then blot out the stain. You apply pressure as you blot it out. The pressure soaks the stain up.

2. Use club soda

Club soda eliminates beer and wine stains if utilized in the right way.

Soak a cloth in the soda, and then blot out the affected area. You may use white vinegar, combined with one part water, as well.

Leave the stain to soak in the solution for about 10 to 15 minutes. After that, absorb the solution and the stain with a dry towel.

Rinse the affected area with warm water once you have removed the stain. Lay out paper towels over the area and weigh them down with a heavy object. Leave the towels to soak up the dampness from the carpet. This process usually takes about a day.

3. Shaving cream works

According to carpet cleaning professionals, shaving cream works on any stain. Dab the cream onto the stain and let it set for about half an hour. Blot the stain out with a dry cloth once the cream has set.

4. Dishwashing detergent

The best way to get rid of grease stains on carpets is to treat them with a drop or two of dishwashing detergent. Remember to mix it with water. After spraying the solution onto the stain, use paper towels to soak it up.

5. Get rid of sugar

Children will litter your carpet with candy.

Scrape it out with a spotter brush or a butter knife. Then, using a sponge, apply water with gentle soap. Experts recommend removing the sugar as soon as possible, lest the area attracts debris.

6. Use hydrogen peroxide

Injuries happen, so blood will stain your carpet on occasion. The good news is that bloodstains are easy to remove.

Hydrogen peroxide eliminates bloodstains. Before using it, break up the dry blood with water and a mild detergent. Use a spotter brush to scrape off as much of it as possible. Spray hydrogen peroxide onto the remaining blood. Do not panic of it foams. Then, dab the area with a dry towel.

7. Organic cleaning

Pets are adorable, but they are a carpet owner’s worst nightmare. Removing pet feces is a daunting task. Natural cleaners do the job best.

After spraying the cleaner on the stain, scrub it out. Wipe it up with towels.

8. Use heat wax

Heat wax will drip onto your carpet if you burn candles at home. Once it dries, it embeds itself onto the fibers.

To get rid of it, liquefy it by heating it up. Use an iron for this process. Wrap the iron in a cloth before placing it over the wax. Remove the heated wax with a butter knife.

9. Freeze dry stubborn gum

You may stick chewing gum onto your carpet while watching a movie. It leaves a sticky mess.

Remove it with ice cubes. Use them to freeze the gum for about half a minute. Then, use a spoon to lift the gum. Cut off the carpet strands that are close to the gum. Do this with care, or you will create a hole.

10. Regular deep cleaning

Many homeowners wait too long before cleaning their carpets. Once debris builds up, it is hard to remove. You must use the right cleaning method, or your carpet will become dirty fast.

Steam clean your carpet. Steam-cleaning involves using water-jet nozzles to inject cleaning solution into the fibers. The solution penetrates the fibers, removing any embedded dirt. Steam-cleaning should take place every six months.

With these pointers, your carpet will always look stunning.

Top Carpet Care Tips for Beautiful Carpets

What steps do you take to care for your home’s carpet? Vacuuming is essential for lifting out dirt and crumbs on a daily basis, but are you wondering if there’s something else you should be doing? The truth is, carpet care shouldn’t stop at vacuuming alone. If you want it to look great and last for many years to come, then the tips below can help. They’re designed to make caring for any type of carpet both simple and easy.

1. Deal with Stains Immediately

Whether a glass of wine drops to the ground or a piece of pizza makes its way into the fibers of the carpet, it’s important to clean up the stains they leave behind right away. If you blot the liquid or crumbs with a cloth it will help eliminate much of the discoloration from soaking in. After that, call in a professional to help with stain removal so the rest of the stain can be removed.

2. Have Professional Cleanings Done

Professional cleaning services actually shampoo your carpets to get bacteria, dirt, hair, allergens, and other impurities out of your carpet fibers. In addition to helping achieve a cleaner appearance, this can also contribute to the carpet lasting for years longer.

3. Vacuum Regularly

Vacuuming carpets regularly will help eliminate dirt that can damage the fibers and leave the flooring looking older and dirtier. However, it’s important to make sure you set the vacuum to the right height so it’s adapting the suction to the volume of carpet fibers. In addition to this, you should clean the filter regularly to help keep the suction as strong as possible.

4. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Harsh cleaning chemicals that are found at most grocery stores can break down your carpet and even ruin it in just a few years. If you hire a professional who uses gentle cleaning solutions instead, you’ll find that your floor looks better and lasts a lot longer.

5. Use Rugs

Rugs placed near entryways and other heavy-traffic areas can help protect carpets while adding to a more stylish interior appearance. These can also be cleaned by most professional carpet cleaners, so you’ll be able to keep them looking new just as long as your carpet.

By taking the time to use these tips, you will find that your carpets last longer and look great all year round. This makes the effort well worth it, especially if you want to save money on the cost of re-carpeting your home.

Pet Stain Removal Tips

I’m aware of the degree of importance that your pet has to you and your family members. This is the number one reason why you are left being so frustrated after the odor of pet accidents fill your entire living room. “What’s that smell?”, you may ask. Well, that’s the scent of Spot’s doings on your beloved carpet.

These odors become engraved in your carpet after a while and make it very difficult to remove. This is so because animals are often attracted by their own “bodily emissions”. Therefore, they will return to the same area to commit the same crime!

Now, I have a few tips that can help to solve this issue. Be still and know that these accidents will no longer occur or occur less frequently if you carefully follow these guidelines. Here I go!

Locating the stained area is the first thing to do. If you have a urine detector/black light, you could use it to find areas where urine is. This way, you’ll know exactly where staining may occur and where the odor is coming from. Use a piece of chalk to lightly mark the area(s).

If you don’t have one, you can always sniff out those areas. Sounds a bit weird but yes, it really helps. After that, you can jump right into cleaning. Stay with me as I explain my cleaning routine.

Put a mixture together with white vinegar and water in about a quarter of a container. A 3:1 ratio of water to vinegar is best. Simply pour it in a generous manner over the urine spot. It saturates the urine and lets it soak in. Next, you should get a towel and start blotting. Don’t rub! Get more dry towels or blotting paper and repeat the process several times until you don’t get any more transfer of the urine into the towel.

Furthermore, you can fold the towel, place it in the area and put something heavy on it and let it sit overnight. This way, any more moisture that is left over will be transferred to the towel.

If there are stains that have already been there for a long time, you may rent a wet vacuum cleaner or an extractor.  How this works is that the water from the carpet is soaked up into the machine and is replaced by fresh water. The fresh water goes through the carpet and the dirty water is collected by the machine. Awesome method, don’t you think?

You can even use a high-performance neutralizer to dampen the pet odor. Ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines or you may end up ruining your carpet.

A pet can be a great thing to have in your home. But this has its downfalls. Your carpets are also very important additions but being able to keep them cleaning and away from pet stains is another story. However, there are many ways that you can accomplish this.


What to Do If You Spilled Iced Coffee on the Rug

Coffee is one of the most loved drinks by people the world over. There are a thousand ways to enjoy coffee and drinking it iced is just way to do so. Iced coffee is a great option if you want to get your caffeine fix without having to sip a hot beverage.


Iced coffee can come in many different flavors and there is surely something for everyone to enjoy. What is not enjoyable though is being in a predicament of accidentally spilling the iced coffee you are drinking all over your favorite rug at home.


Iced coffee spills can really devastate a rug especially if it is light-colored. If you have this problem in your home then you are probably wondering what you can do to solve this problem.


Cleaning up this type of spill on the rug can be tough but with the right steps you can be on your way to restoring the beauty of your rug in no time. Try out the guide below to find out how to clean up the iced coffee spill on your rug.


The first thing that you have to do is to remove the iced coffee spilled on your rug. Do this by using a sponge or some paper towels to absorb the liquid so that you can extract it. Be careful not to spread the spill and only blot the area to do so.
After you have removed the excess liquid out of the rug fibers, the next step is to make a cleaning agent that is going to help you in removing the ugly stain that the spill has caused. Combining a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent with two cups of warm water is going to help produce a very potent cleaning agent you could use on the stain. Take this solution with you to the affected area of your rug and then proceed to the next step in the guide.


Pour several drops of the detergent-based cleaning solution on the soiled parts of your rug and then leave it there for a few minutes. Then, get a clean white cloth and use it to slowly and carefully blot the area continuously. This is going to cause the iced coffee stain to get lifted out of the rug fibers and transfer onto the surface of the cloth. Do this again and again until the stain is gone.
The final step in this guide is rinsing the area where the iced coffee was spilled using a cup of water to remove the residue that could get left behind. After doing so, use a clean rag to dry it off to finish the job.

Tips in Safely Cleaning Your Rugs at Home

Safely cleaning your rug is something that every homeowner should always look to do. It may sound simple enough but you’ll be surprised to find out that there are so many homeowners who are making silly mistakes or doing the improper way of cleaning their rugs that it ends up causing damage and deterioration to it.


This is not a situation that any rug owner would want to be in which is why knowing how to properly clean your rug at home without damaging it is very important. Many people try to do this on their own but without the right information you’ll just be grasping at straws trying to properly clean your rug.


To help you out, here is a really useful list of handy tips you can try to safely clean your rug at home.


  • Try to Use the Right Cleaning Method for the Rug – Not all rugs are the same and this is one fact that some rug owners still do nut get. There are certain kinds of rugs which do not handle moisture very well which is why utilizing the right cleaning method for the rug you have is important. Try to check what kind of rug you have and what cleaning techniques are safe to use so that you do not accidentally damage your rug at home while trying to clean it.
  • Avoid Excessively Strong Cleaning Solutions – There are so many cleaning solutions out there and what many people usually do is to just go with the strongest cleaning solution available thinking that it would be best. Well, this is not exactly the case all the time as there are certain rug types which can become damaged by really strong and acidic cleaning agents. Try to use only a mild cleaning solution if possible as it will still get the job done without risking damage to your rug.
  • Hire a Rug Cleaner for Really Stubborn Stains – If you have a very stubborn stain on your rug at home do never try and try to remove it on your own if you are not getting any results. There are really some kinds of stains that are extremely hard to get rid of and sometimes doing your own efforts in cleaning it could prove harmful if you use the wrong cleaning products or if you brush the rug fibers too hard. In this instance it would be best to call a rug cleaner to help you out as they will be able to get your rug nice and spotless once more in no time.

Tile Cleaning 101: Tips in Choosing a Cleaning Method

Tile flooring can make a really big impact on the way that your home looks. It is an excellent addition to any home as it instantly brings out the beauty and elegance that you have always wanted to have. It is not cheap though so you should make sure that you take proper care of your tile flooring once you have it installed.


One of the first things that you should think about whenever you have tile flooring in your home is deciding on which cleaning method to use. There are different approaches to tile cleaning and each technique has its own pros and cons. Choosing just one cleaning method to use can be tough which is why I have prepared some useful information to help you through this task.


  • Always knowing what kind of tiles that you have is really important before making a choice of what kind of cleaning approach you are going to take. There are many different kinds of tiles and each one may have a specific requirement when it comes to cleaning it. There are tiles which are very sensitive to water or to acidic cleaning solutions such as natural stone tiles. There are also those which are more resistant to these substances. If you want to know exactly how to clean your tiles the right way then find out first what kind of tiles you have as a start.
  • Another tip that you could use is sticking to what you are comfortable with. Try to go with a cleaning method that you know you can do properly and effectively. What good is trying out a new and modern technique if you are not really comfortable or at ease when using it. You should stick with what you are good at so that you will have a hassle-free and easy tile cleaning experience.
  • Try to do some research on what kind of cleaning method works well with the kind of tiles that you have. You can try talking to a professional tile cleaning company and ask them as to what would be an effective approach to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of your tiles. You can likewise go online and check out forums concerning home and tile cleaning and you’ll probably be able to get some useful information from other homeowners and experts on what techniques you should try in order to get excellent results always.

Steps in Cleaning Up Charcoal Stains on the Rug

Using your very own grill in your backyard to prepare some tasty burgers, hotdogs, or steaks can be a very pleasant way to spend a weekend. Weekend barbeques are always a big hit with the family and it is a great way to bond with your kids as well eating some delicious food.


Barbeques will not be complete without charcoal though which is why you should make sure to get some before your weekend barbeque. You have to be cautious when bringing charcoal into your home as you never want to drop or spill it on your beautiful rug as this will likely cause an ugly stain to develop.


Charcoal stains on the rug is not something you want to have but if you are facing this situation you should not lose hope. Here is a guide that you can try to help get rid of the charcoal stains on your rug effectively.


  1. Start off by picking up the charcoal on your rug carefully. You can just use your fingers to do so and make sure that you avoid stepping on it as this would make the situation worse.
  2. After you have removed all of the charcoal, the next step is to apply some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a piece of cotton ball and then use it to blot the charcoal stain on your rug. You should do this immediately so that the charcoal stain will not be as difficult to remove just yet.
  3. The next step is making a cleaning solution that will effectively remove the charcoal stain on your rug. A teaspoon of clear ammonia mixed with a cup of warm water will be a very good homemade cleaning solution that you can try to make. Pour some of this on the charcoal stain and then move on to the next step.
  4. After letting the cleaning solution soak the stain for five minutes, get a clean paper towel and begin to blot the area repeatedly. The charcoal stain is going to slowly transfer from the surface of your rug onto the paper towel which means that you are right on track. Repeat this step until the entire charcoal stain is eliminated.
  5. The last thing that you have to do is to make sure there is no residue left behind on your rug fibers. To do this, pour a cup of clean water on the spot where the charcoal stain used to be. Then use a clean rag to dry everything off.

How to Easily Remove Mouthwash Stains on the Rug

Having fresh breath is always essential to have before you go out of the house to start your day. You never want to have bad breath when talking to your friends, family, or acquaintances thus you should always see to it that your breath is always smelling nice and fresh. Proper dental hygiene is essential to have fresh breath and brushing may not always be enough so using mouthwash is something that you need to do as well.

Mouthwash is a very useful item to help you get your breath to smell nice and fresh. Be alert not to spill it though as it can create a very nasty mess that could stain your clothes, upholstery, and even your rug at home. Staining your rug with mouthwash is not something you want to do so if you are dealing with such as situation you must quickly follow the guide below to find out what you need to do to remedy the situation.

• Try to quickly absorb the spilled mouthwash on your rug using some paper towels. Removing the liquid as fast as possible will help make it easier for you to clean up the mess. Continue to absorb the mouthwash using the paper towels until there is no more liquid coming out of the rug fibers.
• Pour some isopropyl rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and the blot the mouthwash stain using the latter. You should try to apply some pressure when doing so to really be able to remove some of the stain particles out of the rug fibers. Repeat this until the cotton ball dries up.
• Get a cup of warm water and add a teaspoon of non-bleach laundry detergent to it in order to make a homemade rug cleaning solution for the mouthwash stain. Pour some of this on the mouthwash stain and then blot it repeatedly with a clean white cloth. You will see that the stain is becoming lighter and lighter as you do this which means that it is working. Repeat this as often as necessary until the mouthwash stain is totally eliminated.
• Remove the residue which could be left behind on your rug by rinsing the area you cleaned with a cup of room temperature water. Afterwards simply dry the spot with the help of some paper towels and the rug should be back to the way it was before the stain.